11:06 am - Wed, Mar 12, 2014
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St Mary Peak and fire lookout in early March - 9,351 feet elevation at lookout. Bitterroot Mountain Range, Montana. Image 1502 (taken at 8 am before Daylight Savings Time)

Maybe my last winter photo for this season ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Please share and like the A Montana View Facebook page! Thanks so much for viewing. | visit www.amontanaview.com | ‪#‎Montana‬ ‪#‎Outdoors‬ ‪#‎gottaloveMT‬ ‪#‎winter‬- Buy this photo http://smu.gs/1lpE8Ypwww.amontanaview.com | ‪#‎Montana‬ ‪#‎Outdoors‬ ‪#‎gottaloveMT‬ ‪#‎winter‬- Buy this photo http://smu.gs/1lpE8Yp

12:42 pm - Sat, Dec 21, 2013
Bear in a pond in western Montana, USA. Taken in late June in a pond on Pauline Creek.Canon EOS 7D 1/80s, f/11.0, ISO: 160 manual setting, tripodCanon EF500mm f/4l IS USM lens

Bear in a pond in western Montana, USA. Taken in late June in a pond on Pauline Creek.
Canon EOS 7D 1/80s, f/11.0, ISO: 160 manual setting, tripod
Canon EF500mm f/4l IS USM lens

8:27 pm - Fri, Nov 8, 2013

South of Darby, Montana there is an area where Bighorn Sheep live and thrive. There was a health scare (pneumonia) recently but the population is rebounding. Good news. We love our wild sheep.Breeding begins mid- to late November. Asynchronous estrus in ewes within rut. Intense mate competition among males. Lambing occurs late April to late June (sometimes early July).

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Taken in western Montana in early November. All he can think about is the doe in front of him. The gate of Mule Deer include stotting - bounding leaps, keeping all feet together. Unlike a White-tailed Deer, they keep their black-tipped tail down when running or stotting.

8:05 pm - Thu, Oct 17, 2013
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This is a “feel good” post. I just love the look and sound of these wonderful birds as they fly and hunt. These photos were from far away and it was dark, so they are cropped and not as clear as many of my photos. But, I liked the look of this graceful hawk and hope you do, too.

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2:05 am - Tue, Oct 15, 2013
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12:51 pm - Fri, Sep 20, 2013

looking east from Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge in western Montana, USA.

4:14 pm - Thu, Aug 22, 2013

Mink on the Bitterroot River – this was the den area. Very cool spot on a nicely vegetated bank of the middle river. www.amontanaview.com
Reference: http://fieldguide.mt.gov/detail_AMAJF02050.aspx
This medium-sized, semi-aquatic carnivore has a long, thin body; short, sturdy legs; short, pointed nose; short, rounded ears, and a dorsoventrally flattened head. The tail is thickly furred and overall color is usually rich dark brown. Look also for a white chin patch and sometimes white spots on the belly. It is similar to the River Otter but is much smaller.

10:50 pm - Wed, Aug 7, 2013
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